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Friday, 18 January 2013


The Ashtavarga is a complex method of computing and finding it out the real strength of all grahas (Planets). Sometimes, you may be told by your astrologers that you are having a good and bright future. But you may not experience the period to be too lucky.

Why the astrological predictions fail? Is the Astrology is itself fake?  The fact remains within this Ashtavarga table.

A planet (graha) may be very powerful according to the Rasi Kundali. But poor performance of the same graha in the Ashtavarga table, could nullify all the positive effects of the same graha in the Rasi Kundali. Thus the real strength of the grahas would be known only through the extensive studies of the Ashtavarga table.

Most of the astrologers do not either know or willing to analyze or simply do not have time to go through maze of informations provided in the Ashtavarga section. Thus their prediction could go wrong and the people blame it either on the Astrologers or on the Astrology itself. Let us see the Ashtavarga in detail in the coming posts.