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Monday, 10 December 2012


As per the Hindu Vedic Astrology, every planets has a character of its own. The Characters are divided into 3 categories. Let us see the details of these characters.

Sathvika Guna (Peaceful and Good Characters): The Jupiter (Guru) and the ascending Moon (Chandra) comes under this category. These Planets would always maintain good characters and would not be influenced by the association of any malefice characters.

Rajo Guna (Tempting and Inducing Characters): The Mars (Kuja) and the Venus (Sukra) are the two planets that come under this categories. Both these Planets would induce and tempt every person to have interest in the Wordly entertainment and benefits. 

Thamasa Guna (Neutral and Inert Characters): The Sun (Suriya), Mercury (Budha) and Saturn (Shani) would come under this categories. These Planets do not have any specific character of its own. But would display the Sathvik character, if it aligns with Jupiter (Guru) and Moon (Chandra) and displays Rajo Guna (Character), if it aligns with Mars (Kuja) and Venus (Sukra). 

The Raghu and Kethu do not have any character of its own. But would exhibit the character of the planet, on whose House, both Raghu and Kethu are placed. Next we study the details of all three Gunas (Characters) in the coming days. 

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