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Monday, 6 June 2016


Methods to use the Vedic Astrology for the success of a MNC:

We all know that the individual Horoscope of each native would indicate the career prospects and financial strength of every individual. The major questions in everybody's mind is how to find out the exact results for a multi faceted Company using the Vedic Astrology. Let us find out the methods to analyse and work out perfect predictions for a MNC (or) a large organization.

1. The Horoscope of the Company's Head:

a. The Person who owns the Company
b. The Person who holds major stake in the Company
c. The Person who hold the executive power (The Person who hold the absolute power in taking major decision on the Company).

Example: Imagine a luxury Aeroplane capable of carrying 40 passengers on board. The Aeroplane may be fitted with excellent and advanced level of electronic gadgets and luxurious features. The Aeroplane is being flying under the command of Pilot and Co-Pilot @ the Pilot has the absolute power to fly the plane and the Co-Pilot can only help the Pilot as per the directions and the command from the Pilot. If the Pilot makes an error while flying (or) fall asleep, then the aeroplane could be headed for a disaster @ the Person who is in full control of the situation can either bring happiness (or) create difficulties in the life of others.

2. Horoscope of the Company (Muhurtha Astrology): 

Everyone must understand that Horoscope is not limited to the Humans. We can draw the Horoscope for a company (or) an event (or) a product. The Process is called "Muhurtha Astrology". Those days, when the King decides to fight with his enemy, then they chose a very auspicious time for conducting a Pooja to initiate the process of war. People choose auspicious time to start a Pooja to initiate the construction of any buildings. *Please note that choosing the auspicious time does not mean that choosing an auspicious day that are mentioned in the Calendar. 

What is Muhurtha Astrology?

Imagine a baby is getting born on a particular date, time and in particular place. Then we can draw a Horoscope using those informations. The Lagna in the Horoscope is considered as the Soul @ that is the time, the baby has come into this World. The baby would enjoy both the positive and negative elements in its life; and also face ups and downs on various issues in the life as per the Planetary positions.

Similarly, imagine a company is being initiated through a Pooja at the particular date/time and place. With these informations, we can draw a Horoscope for a company too. The Company will have basic strength and weakness as per its birth horoscope; and it will either enjoy growth (or) face difficulties depending upon the Planetary positions that are indicated in its Birth Horoscope.

Probable results according to the Muhurtha Astrology:  

1. The Company will remain stable and enjoy excellent performances both in the Professional matters and also in the financial matters, if the Birth Horoscope of the Company is good.

Example 1: The United Breweries Ltd (UB Group) has been founded in 1857 by Mr. Thomas Leishman, who is a scotsman; and after independence, the Company is being managed by Mr. Vittal Mallaya and now Mr. Vijay Mallya. Though the Mr. Vijay Mallya faced turbulence in his professional matters, the UB Ltd is continuing its present Journey.

Example 2:  But the "Kingfisher Airlines" which was owned by the UB Group, went into financial losses and forced to shut down its business within a short span of time.

2. The Product of the Company will prosper and become a "Major Hit", if the Horoscope of the Product is good (OR) the Product of a Company would flounder (or) would fail despite the Company being run in a successful manner.

Example 1: The Maggi Noodles is being manufactured by Nestle', which is a Swiss MNC, which has presence in the many countries across the Globe. The Company Nestle' is a conglomerate and is being run efficiently. But the Nestle' India faced major problem in India last year in the way of facing a ban on the production, sale and marketing of "Maggi" products; and temporarily the Company was forced to suspend the production and sale of the "Maggi" noodles.

Example 2: The finnish MNC "Nokia" was manufacturing mobile handsets in Chennai and was selling its product across India. The name "Nokia" had a excellent brand value before; and enjoyed a "lion share" of the mobile market during those days, when the smartphones were not being introduced at that time. The Brand "Nokia" was doing well; but unfortunately the Company was mired in deep financial and legal troubles. Hence the company closed its manufacturing facility; and now the name "Nokia" is entirely wiped out (or) has a very insignificant presence in the Indian mobile market.


1. The Horoscope of the Company would indicate the Career stability, Business growth, Profitability and fiscal management of the Company on a long term basis.

2. The Horoscope of the Product (or) an Event would tell us the rate of success (or) the failures of the particular product.

3. The Horoscope of the Person (who owns (or) take executive decisions pertaining of the Company's major Policy decisions) would tell us the present state of the Company's affairs.