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Saturday, 10 November 2012


Check your Birth Day & Star: 

Birth Day & Birth Star

There are certain Nakshatra's (Birth Star) that coincides with a particular day could be harmful. If a Baby is born on the specified time that is given below, the Parents should take maximum precaution. 

What is Balarishta?
Inauspicious Birth Star/Day

Here, the Day should not be calculated on the basis of Midnight to Midnight basis @ 00.00 hours to 23.59 hours as per the English Calendar. 

As per the Hindu Calendar, a day starts from the early morning sunrise on the first day to the next day early morning sunrise. 

For Example: Monday = Monday early morning sunrise to Tuesday early morning sunrise. 

For example, if a baby is born around 01.00 am on Monday early morning hours (as per the English Calendar), then it must be assumed that the Baby's birth day happens to be on Sunday only (as per the Hindu Calendar). As per the English Calendar the Monday starts at 00.00 hours; and as per the Hindu Calendar, the Monday starts only at the sunrise. That is, if any number of babies are born before the sunrise on Monday morning, then the birth day of those babies would be Sunday only as per the Hindu Calendar. 

As per the Hindu Religion, you can only draw a basic chart within a week from the birth day; and you are not supposed to analyse the Horoscope for the 1 year from the birth day. You must not treat the completion of 1 year period by looking at the English Calendar. As per the Hindu Calendar, the baby crosses the first year period on a day that comes with its Birth Star placed in the same Hindu Calendar month. 

The Parents should immediately analyze the horoscope of the baby with the help of trusted Astrologers and must do necessary Pariharam to ensure the welfare of the Baby, once the baby crosses the 1 year period in life. 

Conclusions: Generally, the birth on these Nakshatra/Day combinations could create "Balarishta" - an astrological factors that can either cause death (or) problems equivalent to death in early age of life. 

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