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Financial Astrology: Income, Profits & Gains

Vedic Financial Astrology: Know your earning power

Everybody wants money into their life. They want more Money (or) even more Money (or) even fantastic Money. Does your Horoscope help you to earn more Money (or) get more Money (or) enjoy more Money?
As per the Vedic Astrology, the 11th house indicates the quantum of money (or) gain (or) profits that are coming into your life. That is, 11th house indicates the flow of money into your life.
The income/gain/profits have multiple meanings.
1.It could be salary, if a person is employed. 2.It could be the profits derived out of sales by a businessman 3.It could the harvest done by the farmer. 4.It could be a “catch” got by the fisherman 5.It could be the marks got by a student at the exams 6.It could be the votes got by a Politician
Before 1000 years back, there was no currency and those days there were barter system @ trading of goods/services for another goods/services. Hence the profits & gains does not always relate to money. In today’s wor…


Dangerous Partnership of 6th & 8th house Lord Combinations: 

Importance of 6th house: The 6th house represents debts (financial liabilities), strength of the enemy, litigations and the chronic illness. The 6th house is considered as a malefic house in the Vedic Astrology.

Importance of 8th house: The 8th house represents the life longevity; and the troubles that we are likely to face during our lifetime. The 8th house is considered as highly malefic house in the Vedic Astrology.

What is Molotov Cocktail? 

"Molotov Cocktail" is a generic name used for variety of bottle based impoverished incendiary devices that uses various inflammable fuels (A breakable bottle filled with Petrol (or) Solvents and a source for ignition like wicks soaked with Alcohol (or) Kerosene). When the bottle (with its wick is lit up with the fire) is thrown at an distance on the object, the bottle gets broken due to its impact. The Petrol vapour and droplets gets ignited instantly and creates a fireball…


How to access your Career strength and stability? 

Most of the Astrologers and all the Astrology buffs used to look into 10th house to access the career strength of the natives. But you must understand that all the 12 houses are important in accessing the Career and Financial strength of the natives. Let us find out the importance of all 12 houses on Career and Financial matters.

1st House (Lagna/Rising Sign) importance to the Career: A person will be able to present himself/herself in an excellent manner, if the Lagna Lord is stronger and placed in the benefice houses. A person may fail to impress others, (if he/she possess weak Lagna Lord) especially during the official meetings, group discussions and also during the interview.

Example:The 1st house is very important for natives, who are in the marketing profession. The native with strong Lagna Lord will be able to impress his/her customer about the product (or) services that he/she intended to sell in the market. The People from the …


Impact of Expenditures on your Life: 

Everybody in this world will have both the inflow and outflow of money during their lifetime. The Outflow on money or wealth can happen due to expenditures, losses, damages or wastages. Let us see the difference between the expenditures/losses/wastages/damages.

Expenditures: You would spend money for various purposes to meet your various needs.

Losses: You would face huge outflow of money for known or unknown reasons, when your expectations go wrong.

Damages: You would face sudden or unexpected situation that erodes your asset values in an alarming manner.

Wastages: When your expenditures doesn't bring the desired results, then the outflow of money adds no materialistic value for you.

In Vedic Astrology, the 12th house and the 12th house lord indicates the outflow of money in your life. Let us the find out the impact on your life through the expenses or losses or wastages or damages.

1. If the 12th house lord is associated with the Lagna or Lagna …


Importance of 12th house in Vedic Astrology:

As per the Vedic Astrology, the 12th house is considered as the malefic house. But the 12th house and the 12th house lord has many important role to play in our life. The 12th house indicates the following issues in detail.

Why is 12th house is important?

The 12th house indicates the expenses, losses and wastages in our life. Hence the Readers can't wish away the importance of the 12th house. Any increased/sudden expenses or wastages or losses could totally upset the native's financial life.

Moreover, you need to spend, so that you can buy something both in materialistic form or through services @ nobody can avoid expenses altogether in the life. Even a miser will be spending some money to meet his/her basic life necessities.

If the 12th house lord is weaker, then it indicates that the particular person will have no or less money to meet his/her expenditure needs. The Readers may ask me a question like this:

Question: If a person has …