Yogas & Doshams

Every men/women either enjoys the luxury or suffer the sorrows of this world to exhaust his good or bad karma (deeds) before he/she faces death.

Astrology tells us about Good & Bad Yogas. Bad Yogas are often referred to as ‘Dosham’. These Good and Bad Yogas reflected in our Horoscope is the result of Good/Bad Karma (Deeds) done in our previous life.

There is no short cut or escape route available to bypass this karma. With the help of Horoscope, and by analyzing the ‘dosham’, one can easily understand the deeds done by him his previous life.

By doing the remedial measures and avoiding the repeat of the same sin in this life, anyone can come out of his trouble, very easily. Thus Horoscope acts as a navigator in our present life

In the older texts and manuals, doshams are given as yogas only. That is, Yogas are classified into auspicious and inauspicious yogas. Now a days, we call the inauspicious yogas as doshams.

As per the Vedic Astrology, there are numerous types of Yogas (both auspicious & inauspicious). Let us see the names of few Yogas.

Serial No Yogas Doshams
1 Raja yogam
Kiragana (Eclipse) dosham.
2 Hamsa yogam Vedaga dosham.
3 Sasa yogam Daridriya dosham.
4 Malwa yogam Pithurugara dosham.
5 Gajakesari yogam Mangalik dosham.
6 Vasumathy yogam Sastanga dosham.
7 Bhaskara yogam Kalathira dosham.
8 Vishnudurga yogam Sarpa dosham.
9 Vishnulakshmi yogam Putra dosham.
10 Nechabanga Rajayogam Kala sarpa dosham.
11 Ashtalakshmi yogam Sakatai dosham.
12 Aishwarya yogam Sadha sanchara dosham.
13 Chakravarthy yogam Sanyasi dosham.
14 Vipereeta rajayogam Brahmahatti dosham.
15 Dharma karmapathi yogam Uchabanga neecha dosham.

We will see the details of these few Yogas & Doshams

What is Pithru dosham ?

Pithru means your paternal elders of the family, who are no more. Pithru dosham creates variety of problems in the life, depending upon the factors and the extent of this dosham.
  1. Presence of many bachelors at a late age in a particular family.
  2. Unexpected abortions during the time of pregnancy.
  3. Difficulties in conceiving a child.
  4. Presence of differently able children.
  5. Mentally retarded persons in a family.
  6. Actions and commissions of Suicide or an attempt to commit it.
  7. Unnatural deaths.
There can’t be any forward movements in the life, without erasing the ill effects of Pithru dosham totally. You can learn more about this Pitra Dosha Or Pithru Dosham in,

Which is the deadliest dosham ?

Any planet in the natal chart that travels in the 22nd star or 88th division of the star counted from the birth Star gives highly malefic results. This is called Vainisika Dosham, which is the deadliest dosham.

Similarly, for each and every one, any planet while travelling into the 22nd Star or 88th division from your birth star in the present day movements ( Kocharam ) gives a highly malefic results. It is better to avoid those days for any auspicious functions.

Is there any dosham that a death of a person in a particular star brings problems to the rest of the family members?

Yes it is true. Following are the Stars that denote dosham, if a person is dead on a particular star. Kiruthiga, Uthiram,Uthiradam, Mirugasirisa, Chittirai, Avittam, Rohini, Punarpoosam, Visakam, Purrattathi, Uthirattathi. Magham, Sathayam and Revathi.

What is mangalik dosham? What are the remedies?

Having Mars at the 2, 4, 7, 8, 12th house denotes the presence of mangalik dosham. But there are various exceptions.
Remedies can be analyzed and done, as per the individual horoscope only.

What is Kalathiragara dosham?

A horoscope having 7th house lord and sukra (Venus) either getting debilitated, becoming weak and staying at 6th, 8th and 12th house (which is considered to be most inauspicious) having Kalathiragara dosham.
A person getting affected by this dosham may not have a good / peaceful married life.

What are the defects that may occur due to the Kalathiragara dosham?

1. Differences within the couples.
2. Living apart / separation by the couples.
3. Extra martial relationship.
4. Legal tangle leading to divorce.
5. Death to any one of the partners.

What is Kala Sarpa dosham?

If Raghu is the head and Kethu is the tail of a snake, and if all the planets are placed in between, it is assumed that all the planets are eaten away by the snake. This position would render all the planets inactive for the first 33 years of age curtailing the health, education and jobs.

What is Sarpa dosham?

It creates obstructions in every walk of life. Marriage, Education, Jobs, having children are the some of the aspects that may be affected.

What is Sastanga dosham?

Husband having 6th or 8th Zodiac sign (Moon sign) from wife’s zodiac sign is called Sastanga dosham. Couples will have diametrically opposite views and quarrel among themselves

What is Putra dosham?

Everyone would like to have son/daughter immediately after the marriage. Those who are affected by Putra dosham may find themselves without any children/ delay in getting the children.

What is Sakatai dosham?

Guru (Jupiter) standing from Chandran (Moon) at 6th, 8th, house considered to be Sakatai dosham. Those get affected by this dosham find their lives go up and down like the rotation of the wheel.