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Thursday, 12 February 2015



Guru Chandala Yoga: The word "Chandala" means that the person who remains totally impure and would readily accept any type of dangerous jobs that other would not even think about it. In Sanskrit, the word "Chandala" means that it denotes a person, who deals with dead corpses.

In Astrology, the Guru is considered as the Vedic Scholar, who teaches Vedas to everyone in the upper world. As per the Hindu Vedas, the Vedic Scholars (Brahmins) are supposed to be bodily and mentally pure to involve in their spiritual and ritual activities. If any Vedic Scholar is in anyway associated with the "Chandalas" then they would lose their purity and the strength. By applying the same logic, the Guru would lose its character or strength or both, when there is a association happens with malefic planets or houses. This condition is called as "Guru Chandala Yoga" and this particular yoga is considered as bad and inauspicious.

Guru will work exceedingly well, if it is not associated with any malefic planets. If the Guru is associated with any malefic planets or houses, then its functioning gets affected.  The functioning of the Guru gets affected due to its proximity or association with any malefic planets. Let us find out the planetary position that defines the "Guru Chandala Yoga"

The planetary position that indicates the "Guru Chandala Yoga": 

1. The closer proximity of the Guru with Sun, Descending Moon, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Kethu.

2. The Guru's closer proximity with any debilitated planets.

3. The Guru's closer proximity with any retrograde planets.

4. The Guru getting either debilitated or retrograde by itself.

5. The presence of Guru in any malefic houses.

6. The association of the Guru with any planets that owns malefic houses.

7. The traversing of Guru in the Nakshatra that belongs to malefic planets or planet that owns malefic houses.

8. The traversing of the Guru in the 22nd Nakshatra, from the native's Jenma Nakshatra.

Effects of having "Guru Chandala Yoga", if the Guru remains stronger: 

1. The native's memory gets corrupted. The loss of the memory could remain either for a shorter period of time or for very longer period despite being an expert in the particular subject.

Example: An exemplary student fails to recollect his memory during an important examinations.

2. The native would speak out-of-turn or struggle to get words in their mouth, while they speak. The words get jumbled during their speeches.

Example: A top most executive in an organization fails to impress his employees on an important issues or fails to address their grievances in an correct manner during the discussions or meetings.

3. The native would behave in an inconsistent manner. There would be sudden loss of memory despite possessing good memory.

Example: The person with post graduates degree or with doctorate degrees suddenly scurrying for basic informations that he/she would have studied in the elementary school level.

4. The native would struggle to understand even basic information despite remaining super intelligent or remaining ignorant on simple issues.

Example: A successful business tycoon faces failures in marketing his new products by misjudging the ground realities.

5. The native would overlook the basic decorum or etiquette or would simply remain ignorant. Despite holding an honourable position (either in a profession or in the society), they astonish the public or their own kith and kin through their reckless behaviour.

Example: A person who holds a powerful post or job in the society eats or munches in an indecent manner in a public place; or speaks something odd during a get-together.

6. The native's concentration gets corrupted. They sit for hours and remain attentive. But no or very less information will go into their minds.

Example: A mother teaches her son or daughter for hours together; but the child forgets everything, when asked to repeat it after sometime.

Effects of having "Guru Chandala Yoga", if the Guru remains weaker: 

1. The natives will struggle to absorb, learn or understand new issues.

2. The native will have trouble in retaining and recollecting the memory.

3. The native could behave in an inconsistent manner that looks very odd in the eyes of others.

4. If the native belongs to Dhanus Lagna or Meena Lagna and if the Guru is weaker and placed in a highly malefic places and also possess Guru Chandala Yoga, then the person will have personality disorders or behavioural troubles.