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Thursday, 10 January 2013


We know that the last 2 Naligai (48 minutes) of the preceding nakshatra and first 2 naligai of the following nakshatra comes under this Nakshtra Sandhi period.

The following Nakshatra Sandhi is considered as very deadly and dangerous. The details are given below.

1. The Last  2 Naligai of the Revathi nakshatra and first 2 naligai of the Aswini nakshatra.

2. The Last  2 Naligai of the Ayilyam nakshatra and first 2 naligai of the Magham nakshatra.

3. The Last  2 Naligai of the Kettai nakshatra and first  2 Naligai of the Moolam nakshatra.

This type of Nakshatra Sandhi is called as "Kandantha Naligai". Here Kandam (Neck) + Antham (End) means a possible serious trouble ahead. Let us see the possible effects of this Nakshatra Sandhi.

1. If a baby is born during this time, then the "Ayush Homam" must be done immediately on the prescribed temples. Other pariharam also must be performed as per the analyzis of the natal horoscope (Kundali). 

2. If a marriage is performed during this time, the marriage is likely to fail miserably. 

3. If a travel is being started during this time, it could end in a disaster. 

General: It is advised to avoid using this timings for all kinds of auspicious functions. 

Monday, 7 January 2013


As we know the word Sandhi means the Junction or meeting place. Hence the Nakshatra Sandhi means the meeting point of two Nakshatras.

There are 27 Nakshatras that are taken into consideration in the Hindu Vedic Astrology. The Moon travels through each Nakshatras starting from Aswini and ending in Revathi. But the movement is a continious basis. Thus after completing the journey through all the 27 stars, the Moon exits the Revathi Nakshatra and again starts its next round of journey from Aswini, without any break. Thus the Moon goes around the 27 Nakshatras on a continous basis. The entry and exit time of the Moon into the 27 Nakshatras varies around 24 hours.

The Last 48 minutes or 2 Naligai (Naligai is a measure of time that equals 24 minutes) during the entry and exit into a Nakshatra by the Moon is called as "Nakshatra Sandhi". This Nakshatra Sandhi period is highly inauspicious time.

Example: Suppose the Moon is exiting the Hastham Nakshatra at 8.59 am and enters Chitirai Nakshatra therafter. In that case, the time between 8.11am and 9.47am is called as Nakshatra Sandhi period. This period is also called as "Abijit Kalam".

This period is highly inauspicious on following counts.

1. Those who are born during this Nakshatra Sandhi are likely to suffer. Their Natal horoscope are likely to be non-functional.

2. The Parents of the baby, who are born during this time are also likely to suffer.

3. This Nakshatra Sandhi period has to be avoided for all kinds of auspicious family functions. The family and personal functions held during this period are likely to give very bad results only.