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What is Horoscope? How it is calculated?

Astrological studies are based on pure mathematical and statistical calculations on the planetary positions. Horoscope, which is gifted by our sages, is a complex method of arriving at solutions, using permutation and combination of 9 planets, 27 stars and 12 Zodiac signs. By getting the horoscope analyzed properly, one can eventually understand his/her life and the future that lie before him/her

Horoscope calculations are gifted to us by the Sages, who were living before thousand of years ago. Sages had discovered that there was a correlation between the movement of planets and the life on earth. The Sages had studied these aspects extensively and were able to arrive at some calculations. Having various informations and inputs, they had framed a unique formula, which are called ‘Horoscope’ by us, today.

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