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Sunday, 9 December 2012


There is a popular proverb "Female Moolam is Nirmolam" (total destruction). This literally means that anyone marrying females born with Moolam as their Birth Star (Jenma Nakhsathara) would meet the total destruction. Is it true? There are also some other Proverb that connects with other Nakhsathra's (Star) like Ayilyam, Kettai and Visakam for the females.

Actually what happens to a person, who marry a girl with Moolam, Ayilyam, Kettai or Visakam as her Birth Star (Jenma Nakhsathara). First let us see, what the Vedic Astrology tells about these Nakshathara's. Given below are the table that contains the possible effects of marrying a girl with these above mentioned Nakhsathras (stars). 

Serial No
Girl's Birth Star (Jenma Nakshathara)
Dosha to Mother-in-law
Dosha to Father-in-law
Dosha to Brother-in-law (Elder)
Dosha to Brother-in-law(Younger)

But will these results mirror in everybody's life?. Let us study the possible effects of getting married to a girl with these Jenma Naksatharas (Stars). Here the In-laws denotes Father-in-law, Mother-in-law and Brother-in-law according to the Birth Star (Jenma Naksatharas).

1. They (Both the Girl and her in laws) may not live together; they may live separately due to their professional requirements.

2. They may get separated due to friction on their family relationships.

3. The relationship between both the Girl and their In laws might get starined.

4. The health of the In laws might be affected.

5. The In-laws could face critical moments in their life.

The above results are possible only if there are any problems detected in the Natal Horoscopes of concerned In-laws. That is, problem with the health of a Father-in-law of a Moolam girl is possible only if his Natal Chart indicates a health problem. 


A person with good health (predicted according to the Natal Horoscope) do not get hospitalized, just because his Son gets married to a Moolam girl.

A Women do not die, just because her Son gets married to a Ayilyam Girl, if her Life longevity is stronger according to her Natal horoscope. 


The Natal Chart is stronger and the results reflects directly on the life of every person. These Porutham's (Marriage Matches) do not have any power to over rule the results of a Horoscope. Thus the effects would happen only if the Natal Horoscope also delivers the concurrent results. 

Hence the Natal Horoscope has to be analyzed for the proper effects of getting married to the Girls of Ayilyam, Moolam, Kettai and Visakam. Read Marriage Astrology for multiple information