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Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Most of the prdictions are done only from the Rasi Kundali. Even the some of the astrologers do not attach much importance to the Navamsa Kundali. Let us see the reason for the importance of Navamsa Kundali.

Navamsa Kundali indicates the actual strength of all 9 planets that are placed in the Rasi Kundali. Every Rasi (Zodiac sign) has 9 star paths, where every star owns 4 path on its own. Thus all the twenty seven stars divides 12 houses among themselves.

1 Star = 4 paths.
27 Stars = 108 paths.
These 108 paths are equally distributed among 12 Zodiiac houses.
108 / 12 = 9
Thus each Zodiac house has 9 paths.

All the 9 planets will occupy anyone of the Zodiac houses. Hence each planets traverse against any one of the 9 paths allocated to the every Zodiac house. The Planets are placed on the Navamsa kundali depending upon the Star path of the particular planet in the Rasi Kundali (Chart).

Thus the Navamsa Chart (Kundali) indicates the true value or strength of all the 9 planets. Let us explain the Navamsa chart with an example.

A person might be dressed up neatly and might look very descent and polite. But in reality, he may be very poor, illiterate and very rude in character. 
Another person might have dressed up in a shabby manner, looks like an ecenteric and very rude. But in reality, he may be highly educated and skilled and affectionate to everyone. 

Likewise, the Rasi chart (Kundali) may mislead or misguide us to believe that a particular planet is stronger and benefice. But taking a closer look at the Navamsa Kundali (Chart) indicates the correct status and the strength of a planet. Thus a planet which looks stronger and benefice according to Rasi Kundali may posses the opposite character and strength according to the Navamsa Kundali.

The Navamsa Kundali is one among the various factors that change the status of a Planet and makes the predictions obsolete.