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Sunday, 13 January 2013


We have studied extensively about Thithi Sandhi. The Thithi Sandhi period that lies between Amavasya and Pratipad thithi are called as "Kuugai Dosha".

A person born during the last 12 minutes of Amavasya and the first 12 minutes of the following Sukla Paksha Pratipad are affected by this "Kuugai Dosha". If the Kuugai time also has Thiyajayam (We study this effects in detail later) and period is within 4 minutes (both within Amavasya and Pratipad thithi), then this "Kuugai Dosha" is considered as very acute.

This Kuugai Dosha is considered as highly inauspicious. Let us see the effects of this "Kuugai Dosham".

1. The Kundali (Horoscope) of a person born during this Kuugai Dosha would remain non-functional and delivers confusing results.

2. The person (who are affected by this Kuugai Dosha) may not know the reason, why he is so unlucky.

3. Any events or work started during this period may not turn into success. 


As per the Hindu Lunar Calendar, the Thithi is classified into Sukla Paksha (Period of ascending Moon), Krishna Paksha (Period of descending Moon), Amavasya (New Moon) and Pournami (Full Moon) periods.

Both the Krishna Paksha and Sukla Paksha starts from Pratipad (Prathamai) thithi and ends at Chaturdasi thithi. There are 14 days periods (approximately) for both the Sukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. When 2 days for Amavasya and Pournami are taken into account, the total days for the Cycle of Thithi's are counted as 30 days.

The last passover time (12 minutes) from one thithi to the starting time (12 minutes) of the following Thithi is called as "Thithi Sandhi". If the passover time (preceding and following thithi) is within 4 minutes, then the effects of "Thithi Sandhi" is considered as very acute.

Any one born during this period would be affected by this "Thithi Sandhi". Let us see the effects of "Thithi Sandhi".

1. The Horoscopes (Kundali) of the person born during this "Thithi Sandhi" will become non-functional, gives mixed and confusing results.

2. Any events and functions started during this period is likely to give negative results.

3. When compared to all other Sandhi's, the Thithi Sandhi's are considered as less damaging.