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Thursday, 27 December 2012


The word "Sandhi" means a meeting place or junction or a connecting place. Here Rasi Sandhi means the connecting place of Rasi's (Zodiac signs).

Each Rasi (Zodiac signs) has been assigned 30 degrees. Hence all the 12 Zodiac signs are totally assigned 360 degrees. When a Planet enters a Zodiac sign (Rasi) at 00.01 degree then it leaves the Rasi (Zodiac sign) at 30.00 degree. Thus the every planet moves constantly without any break. The speed and directions vary for every planets.

The Planet Moon takes 2 1/4 days (approx) for a Zodiac sign (Rasi) to pass through; the Sun takes exactly a month to pass through a Rasi (Zodiac sign) and so on. (we will see these details in the future sections).

When a baby is born at a particular time, the baby's Moon sign is nothing but the Zodiac sign (Rasi), where the Planet Moon is placed at that particular birth time. Imagine, today the Moon is traversing within the Sagittarius sign, then all the babies who are born today has their Rasi or Moon sign as Sagittarius sign.

Suppose imagine the Moon is supposed to exit the Dhanusu Rasi (Sagittarius sign) at 11.45 pm and enter Makara Rasi (Capricorn) sign there after. That is, the Moon will be on the last leg of its stay in Dhanusu Rasi (Sagittarius sign) and between 29 to 30 degrees around that particular time. It is like vacating a house and moving into a new house. When the Moon enters at 11.46 pm in the Makara Rasi (Capricorn sign), it will take some time (0 to 1 degree) for the Moon to settle down in a new house. Thus the Moon would have a mixed characterestics of both Dhanusu Rasi (Sagittarius) and Makara Rasi (Capricorn) from 11 pm to 12.30 am (early next morning). This kind of peculiar situation is called as "Rasi Sandhi".

The Rasi Sandhi can be defined as thus. 

1. If  a baby is born with Moon traversing between 29 to 30 degree of a Rasi or 96 minutes before the exit of the Rasi.

2. If a baby is born with Moon traversing between 0 to 1 degree of a Rasi or 96 minutes after the entry of the Rasi.

3. The Rasi Sandhi becomes more actue, if it lies within 29.40 degree of a Preceding Rasi and 00.20 degree of a Proceeding Rasi.

We will take an example of Moon exiting Dhanusu and entering Makaram. The Moon will display the mixed results of Sagittarius (Dhanusu) and Capricorn (Makaram). This would produce the following results.

1. The Moon could become redundant.

2. The Moon may lose the identity of both the Dhanusu and Makaram.

3. The Moon may display the qualities of both the Dhanusu and Makaram.

4. If the Moon is benefice, then it could deliver both the malefic and benefic results.

5. If the Moon is malefic, the it could deliver benefic results along with its original malefic results.

6. The Sade sati periods produce mixed and confusing results.

Note: Like Moon, every other planets have its own "Rasi Sandhis" too. This would place the Planets in confusing position. The Planets would deliver mixed or opposite or confusing results during its Mahadasa or Sade sati periods.