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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


As per the Medical Astrology, the Mars is responsible for the heat that has been generated within the body. Those who has Mars in 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 12th house would have excessive heat in their body. 

By getting married to a person, who enjoys normal temperature in his/her body their sexual interaction would not be conducive. 

Also the difference in Blood temperature (Body temperature) may not be conducive in conceiving too. The difficulties in conceiving and delivering a baby could happen because of this issue. The different type of Blood group could harm the normal delivery of a baby. Thus in olden days the women or baby would have died because of complications during the child birth. Or it would have created a martial discard among the couples leading to the separation. 

So our anscestors might have studied this aspect @ relationship between this medical exgiencies and placement of Mars in the particular houses. So they might have named it as Mangalik or Chevva Dosha and avoided the people getting married. They might have given probable causes that would happen if any of the boy or girl becomes Mangalik.

As per the Vedic Astrology, a boy with Mangalik dosha has to marry a girl with the same Mangalik dosha. Thus our anscestore knew that the couples with same type of body temperature and blood group do not get affected; in fact they enjoy the married life.

In the Modern times, the Medical facilities has grown tremendously. Now this type of issues are well looked after in the early days of pregnancy. Hence this Mangalik or Chevva Dosham can be easily ignored. By doing some remedies for Mars, the Couples can really enjoy the life.


There is a common astrological word "Mangalik" that everybody knows by heart today. What does the word "Mangalik" means?

The word Mangalik refers to the Chevva Dosha (or Dosham) caused by planet Mars (kuja), when it is present in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house from the Lagna. Let us find the effects of having planet Mars (Kuja) in those above mentioned places either for the Boy or the Girl or both.

1. There will not be any intimate relationship between the Couples.

2. The Couples would face disastrous events in their life.

3. The Couples get separated.

4. The Girl would become a widow.

5. The Boy would get separated from his Wife.

6. It would make a Boy to remain as a Bachelor for the entire life.

7. Both of them gets separated for the entire life.

But there are exceptions allowed for this Chevva Dosham (Mangalik). Let us see the exceptions that nullify the Chevva Dosham (Mangalik).

1. The Mangalik gets cancelled if Mars or Kuja is in its own house or in debilitated position or in exalted position.

2. The Mangalik gets cancelled if Mars or Kuja stays in conjuction with Sun, Jupiter and Mercury (anyone).

3. The Mangalik does not apply to those who has Cancer or Leo as Lagna.

4. The Mangalik does not apply, if Mars (Chevva or Kuja) stays 4th and 8th house in bridegroom's horoscope and 2nd and 7th house in bride's horoscope.

5. If Shani, Raghu and Kethu stays in conjuction or aspection with Mars (Kuja). 

For more on this Chevva Dosha or Mangalik, please also read Mangalik from the Medical Astrology section. This would make you to understand the misgivings about the word Mangalik. 

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