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Thursday, 19 December 2013



Believers of God says Fate is more relevant. Our Fate had been wriiten already by the God at the time of birth. Hence as per the view of the Believers of the God, everyone's life is largely depend on the "Fate" that has been written on his head.

But Atheists say "Intelligence" are most important. As per the Atheist's viewpoint, a person can be successful if he uses his intelligenecen properly and to his/her maximum advantage.

But as per the views of the Astrology, both the "Fate" and "Intelligence" are necessary and both are highly important and relevant.

If a person goes through troublesome period, then he can uses his Intelligence to a certain extent to minimize or eliminate the negative effects that he/she faces in their life. That is, the "Fate" is not a imaginary issue. A person would undego tremendous pressure, if he/she goes through highly malefic Mahadasa periods. But the same person can use his intelligence to lower or reduce the bad effects of the Mahadasa.

To prove this point, let us analyze a person's horoscope (who is not alive):

His Date of Birth was 21.03.1976 and the to Time of Birth was 07.15 AM. His Jenma Nakshatra is Anusha 4 and Rasi is Makara Rasi. He was working in a reputed MNC firm as a top-level management officer.

We will check his Life Longevity:

1. The Lagna lord Guru is moderately stronger in the 2nd house.
2. The Shani (Lord of the Life Longevity is stronger by getting placed in the same house Kataka Rasi and obtains varkothama status.
3. The 3rd & 8th house lord Venus (House Lord of Life Longevity) also attains the Varkothama Status.

As per other parameters, the Life Longevity was good.

But he had chosen to commit suicide (due to failed love affair) on 16.10.2006 at 04.30 AM. His chosen time to end his life came at

1. Venus Mahadasa (15.01.2002 to 15.01.2022) - 8th house lord (malefic)
2. Moon Antardasa (16.05.2006 to 15.01.2008) - 5th house lord but getting debilitated (malefic)
3. Rahu Pratyantara Dasa (11.08.2006 to 10.11.2006) - Placed in the 8th house reflects the qualities of malefic 8th house lord Sukra
4. Shani Sooksma Dasa (05.09.2006 to 20.10.2006) - 12th house lord (Malefic)
5. Rahu Prana Dasa (16.09.2006 to 18.09.2006) - Placed in the 8th house reflects the qualities of malefic 8th house lord Sukra

That is, he had taken a very wrong decision at an most inappropriate time in his life Venus (3rd & 8th house Lord)/Moon (6th house lord)/Rahu (placed in the 8th house & reflects the qualities of Venus)/Shani (Lord of Life Longevity)/Rahu.

Though his horoscope does indicate positive life longevity aspects in his life, his frustration (debilitated Moon) aided his mind to take an very dangerous step in his life.

Readers must note that Varkothama Effects on Venus, Shani & Moon does not provide any succour in this particular case. Thus the delirious decisions that has been taken by our Mind is more capable of bringing in the disaster than by the actual planetary positions.

How could this tragic incident to be avoided?

1. Loacte the malefic Mahadasa and the planet and their possible repurcussions in our life at an early stage.

2. Systemstic Pariharam for those planets at those defined periods will reduce the ferocity of the malefic nature of the planets.

3. Then our decision making is more important. If we find ourself in a most dangerous period, then the positive first step that we must take is to keep quiet and do nothing to aggarvate the situation.

4. Wait for the dangerous period to cross over in our life. It will not last more than a week (Prana Dasa) and few months (Pratyandara dasa).

5. The situation gets normalized once we cross the dangerous and malefic periods.

Conclusions: Thus our decision making process assumes more important in bringing benefits into our life. Though the "Fate" has more power and it does its work with accurate perfection, we can also use our "intelligence" to certain extent to nullify or reduce those malefic results of the "Fate".

Please also visit Pitra Dosha to know more about the "Effects of commiting Suicide" 

Friday, 16 August 2013



Mahalaya Amavasya is the highly auspicious time for performing Pitra Puja or Pithru Puja to pacify the departed souls of the anscestors.

The period starting from the Pirathamai Thithi (Tamil) or Pratipad Thithi (Hindi) (that is) the day next to Full Moon day (Poornima/Pournami) in the tamil month of Purattasi (Sept 15th - Oct 15th) and ending on the Amavasya Thithi (New Moon day) is the most auspicious time for performing this Pithru Puja.

It is good if the Pitra Puja is done on daily basis (15 days). If that is not possible, doing the Pitra Puja atleast on the day with Bharani Star and day with Ashtami Thithi is highly auspicious. Also doing the Pitra Puja on Mahalaya Amavasya day is highly auspicious and it gives the full satisfaction to the departed anscestors; who in turn would bless the whole family members.

Do the Pitra Puja and see the smiling face of your family members. Mahalaya Amavasya is the best chance never to be missed by each and everyone.


As per the Hindu Vedic teachings, a soul will not die; but only the body perishes. But the soul after leaving the body carries its virtue and sins that has been earned during its life time. The Soul can not take a rebirth immediately. It has to live in Pitra Loga or Pithru Loga (Anscestor's World) after its departure from the Earth.

The Pitra Loga or Pithru Loga's one day equals our Earth's one year. Thus doing Pitra Tharpanam or Pithru Tharpanam once in a year means feeding and remembering your departed anscestors on daily basis. If a Soul fails to get this service done by his Sons/Daughters, then it has to wait for 100's of years for a rebirth; still such time arrives, the Soul waits for its turn in Pitra Loga or Pithru Loga.

Angered by the delay, the Souls curse their own siblings. This brings the worst form of Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham. This leads to cascading effects on Marriage, Child birth, Harmonius living and physical and mental illness on the entire family.

If a person performs Pitra Tharpanam or Pithru Tharpanam on the stipulated days, the Soul would be able to prepare for another rebirth; so that it will have a chance to earn good virtues and offload all sins. Thus the Soul becomes very happy and bless their siblings. 

Thus a Soul would be able to arrange for its rebirth; rebirth would be calculated on the basis of its virtue. A Soul with good virtue will make a rebirth in a family that can deliver good things in the lifetime. Similarly a Soul with lot of Sins to its credit will end up in a family, where there are lot of sorrows and sadness that surrounds the family.


As per Hindu Vedas, there are methods to calculate whether a person had died in auspicious time or not? You would wonder that why this kind of question is necessary?

To calculate a Soul's Virtue & Sins during its life time, a Person's death is taken for calculations. Given below are the Good times for every person to die.

1. Death should occur between Sunrise and Sunset @ during day time.

2. Death should occur during the peak of the day @ around Noon.

3. Death should occur during Uthirayanam period (the time, When Sun starts to travel in the Northern direction) @ between January 15th to July 14th (approx). Tamil Month (Thai to Ani).

4. Death should occur between the Day that comes after New Moon Day to next Full Moon Day.

5. Days with Thiruthiyai and Ekadesi.

7. Death should not occur on Avittam, Sathayam, Purattathi and Uthirattathi Star.

If a Person dies at the above mentioned time indicates that he/she has lot of virtues to their credit. On other hand, if a person's death carries "NO" to most of the above points, then he/she would have lot of Sins to their credit. In this method, a family could calculate "Whether Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham exist or not".

The simple advice for everone is to do proper Pariharam for Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham, if any member of the family dies at the time that has not been defined above.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012


The Hindu Vedic Astrology defines certain rules for Maraka Graha (Planets that ensures death or troubles equivalent to death during its Mahadasa periods). Let us see the different roles played by the Maraka Graha's.

1. The concerned person might die during 7th or 2nd house lord's Mahadasa periods.

2. The Mahadasa of 4th, 5th and 7th house lords would ensure death of the mother of the concerned person.

3. The Mahadasa of 3rd and 11th house lords would ensure death of brothers and sisters of the concerned person.

4. The Mahadasa of 6th house lord and Raghu in the 8th house would ensure death of father of the concerned person.


1. These results are subject to variations depending upon the planetary position of the Kundali/Horoscope of the father, mother and brother/sister of the concerned person.

2. These Mahadasa do not always ensure death, but instead would bring a critical situation that could be comparable to death.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Apart from the Maraka Graha (Planet for Death), there are certain planetary position that would make some planets as "Maraka Graha" too. The Mahadasa of these planets are called as "Maraka Dasa". Let us see the type of Planets that would run the Maraka Dasa (Time for Death).

1. If the Shani Mahadasa comes 4th in our life, then the Shani Mahadasa could turn as "Mahadasa". Those who are born in the Chevvai's (Kuja) star such as Mirugasirisa, Chittirai and Avittam would come under this category.

2. If the Chevvai (Kuja/Mars) Mahadasa comes 5th in our life, then that Chevvai Dasa (or) Mars Mahadasa could turn as "Maraka Dasa". Those who has Kethu's star as their Jenma Natchathiram such as "Aswini, Magham and Moolam" would come under this category.

3. If the Guru (Jupiter) Mahadasa comes 6th in our life, then that Guru Dasa (or) Jupiter Mahadasa could turn as "Maraka Dasa". Those who has Sukra's star as their Jenma Natchathiram such as "Pooram, Pooradam and Bharani" would come under this category.

4. If the Raghu Mahadasa comes 7th in our life, then that Raghu Dasa could turn as "Maraka Dasa". Those who has Budha's (Mercury) star as their Jenma Natchathiram such as "Ayilyam, Kettai and Revathi" would come under this category.

Let us see the different status of this Maraka Dasa.

1. The Maraka Dasa would not cause much problem, if the Maraka Graha becomes a benefice Graha to the Lagna and also placed at benefice houses.

2. The Maraka Dasa would trouble the person within a limit,  if the Maraka Graha becomes a benefice Graha to the Lagna and but placed in the malefice houses.

3. The Maraka Dasa would trouble the person much, but within a limit, if the Maraka Graha becomes a malefice to the Lagna and but placed in the benefice houses.

4. The Maraka Dasa would trouble the person much and without any limit, if the Maraka Graha becomes a malefice to the Lagna and also placed in the malefice houses. 

The Effects of Maraka Dasa:

1. The Maraka Mahadasa may not cause death, but might create a one-time situation that could be equivalent to the time of death.

2. The Maraka Mahadasa may inflict collateral damages that could make the person to come for an conclusion that it would be better to die rather than face the troubles. 

3. The Maraka Mahadasa would end the life of a person. 

Note: These effects could vary depending upon the individual's Kundali (Horoscope). 

Saturday, 22 December 2012


The word "Maraka" literally means death. The Planets that has been given the task of ending a person's life is called as "Maraka Graha". For every zodiac sign, this task is being assinged to a minimum of 2 planets.One of them is called "Maraka Athipathi" (Lord of death) and other one is called as "Pathaga Athipathi" (Planet of collateral damages).

The "Maraka Graha" (Planet of death) do not always bring death to everyone. If a person has a longer life periods according to his Kundali (Natal Horoscope), then the person may not die during the Mahadasa of the "Maraka Athipathi" and "Pathaka Athipathi". But the Maraka Graha would definetly make the life hell for that person. That is, these Maraka Grahas would give all possible troubles except the death, during its Mahadasa.

These Marka Grahas becomes more malefice, if the following planetary position is found on the Kundali.

1. The Maraka Graha gives enormous troubles, if it is stronger.

2. The Maraka Graha become more malefice, if it is placed in the malefice houses.

3. The Maraka Graha would become more malefice, if it remains in its own house.

4. The Maraka Graha becomes more malefice, if it is placed on the Maraka or Pathaka houses.

5. The Maraka Graha would give greater trouble, if it is associated with any natural malefice planets.

Let us see the Maraka Athipathi and Pathaka Athipathi for every zodiac house.

Serial No
Zodiac sign
Maraka Athipathi
Pathaka Athipathi
Mesha Rasi (Aries)
Sukra (Venus)
Shani (Saturn)
Rishaba Rasi (Taurus)
Moon, Guru
Shani (Saturn)
Mithuna Rasi (Gemini)
Guru, Chevvai
Chevvai (Mars)
Kataka Rasi (Cancer)
Simha (Leo), Shani
Sukra (Venus)
Simha Rasi (Leo)
Sukra (Venus), Guru
Chevvai (Mars)
Kanni Rasi (Virgo)
Guru, Moon
Thula Rasi (Libra)
Chevvai (Mars)
Simha (Leo)
Viruchika Rasi (Scorpio)
Shani, Budha (Mercury)
Dhanusu Rasi (Sagittarius)
Budha (Mercury)
Sukra (Venus)
Makara Rasi (Capricorn)
Shani, Moon
Chevvai (Mars)
Kumbha Rasi (Aquarius)
Chevvai (Mars), Budha
Sukra (Venus)
Meena Rasi (Pisces)
Budha (Mercury)
Shani (Saturn)

Note: The Maraka Athipathi and Pathaka Athipathi would become more malefice, if it owns any other malefice houses too. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012


How many years I would live?

Will I be able to live for many years to come?

These kind of questions begins to haunt every person's mind; everyone is eager to know the answer for that. Let us see the points to be analyzed for judging the Life longevity. To live longer period, the following has to be analyzed.

1. The strength of Lagna Lord, 8th house Lord and Lord Saneeswara are the three important factors that are needed to analyze the life longevity.

2. These Planets should be stronger in Rasi, Navamsa, Drekkana and Dasamsam chart.

3. These Planets should not be aspected or conjucted with natural malefic planets or the planets that are malefic with respect to the Lagna.

4. These Planets should be extremely stronger in Ashtavargha.

5. The Planets should not be weaker by Thithi Sunyam, Avaroghanam, Combustion by Sun, Retrograde movement, Graha Yudh, graha eclipse and Rasi/Star/Day/Month/Year Sandhi (Converging Place).

6, These Planets should not stay in opponent's house or 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th house; but Shani in 8th house is a positive point.

7. These Planets should not be debilitated.

8. The Planets should not be affected by Vainasika Dosham.

Now Give marks to each planet (Saturn, Lagna Lord and 8th House Lord) as per the table.

Serial No
Question Number
Total Marks

For the three questions, the total mark is 48. If the Planet gets higher marks then it is considered very stronger. Thus by calculating the strength of these three planets, we can analyze the long longevity.

1, If three Planets are stronger then the person's life cycle would be between 60 to 90 Years.

2. If two Planets are stronger then the Person's life cycle would be between 30 Years to 60 Years.

3. If one Planet is stronger, then the Person's life cycle would be between 0 to 30 Years.

Again the life longevity is based on the Mahadasa (we will be analyzing later) periods only. The death occurs only during the Mahadasa of the malefic planets as per the Natal Chart. Again, only the God has the supreme authority over this issue. The Good Astrologers would never predict anything about life & death; if it is predicted, it is considered as an act performed against the will of the God.