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Monday, 17 June 2013


What is the importance of Bhava Chalit:

In Hindu Vedic Astrology, the Bhava Chalit (Bhava Chart) has many meanings. Most of us tend to overlook this particular chart for predictions.

1. What does the Bhava Chalit tell us?
2. What is the difference between the Rasi Kundali and Bhava Chalit?
3. Which is more important @ Rasi Kundali (or) Navamsa Kundali (or) Bhava Chalit?

The Bhava Chalit denotes the behavioural aspects that comes out in an unexpected manner, whereas the Rasi Kundali tell us the kind of personality that a person would be seen or observed by others; whereas the Navamsa Kundali show us the inner personality hidden to others view.

Let us explain the Bhava Chalit with an example.

A person is known for his quiet and composed characters; and he is recognized for his cool attitudes. His characters and behaviours can be interpreted from the Rasi Kundali.

Suppose he beat or attack or kill a person in a fit of rage despite his original calm and quiet characters, it could happen because of the planetary position that is displayed in his Bhava Chalit.

Hence the Bhava Chalit displays unexpected characteristics of the natives; tell us the unexpected turn of events in the life; hidden benefits or loss; unexpected success or tragedy.

Hence readers must take the Bhava Chalit very seriously. This will help them to face unexpected turn of events in their life.