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Tuesday, 16 July 2013



The Moon is the 10th house lord for the Thula lagna (Libra Rising). The 10th house is a neutral place and it denotes the Career. The Moon treats the Venus (Lord of Thula - Libra sign) as its equal, but the Venus treats the Moon as its enemy. Hence there is unequal ties on the relationship between the Moon and the Venus.

The Moon gets debilitated in the Viruchika Rasi and it is 2nd house from the Thula lagna. The 2nd house is malefic too. The 10th house lord getting debilitated in the 2nd house is not good; but If the Moon gets any "Neecha Banga Raja Yoga", then the strength of the Moon increases dramatically and changes the entire situation.

Now let us see the possible effects of Neecha Moon in the 2nd house for the Thula lagna (Libra Rising):

1. The Person may find it hard to find a peramanent source of income.

2. The person could be forced to switch change of Profession itself.

3. The Person could be forced to have changes in responsibilities, departments , locations or even change of organizations many times during their lifetime.

4. The disturbance in the Career side could spill over to the relationship in the family.

5. The financial position coming under the pressure due to the instability on the career side.

6. The person often finding it difficult to meet their own coommitments.

7. The situation is likely to worsen, if the person is born during the Amavasya or the descending Moon periods.


The results are likely to change, if the Chandra (Moon) gets Combustion by Sun, Thithi Sunyam, neecha banga yoga and also many other astrological factors. For more on Simha Lagna, please visit

Friday, 22 February 2013



The Moon has the lordship over the 10th house for the Thula Lagna (Libra Rising), that is directly responsible for the income from profession or business. The Sukra (who has the lordship of
Thula Lagna) does not treat the Moon as a friendly planet and the Moon considers the Sukra to be equal. Thus the Moon is neither a malefic nor a benefic planet to the Thula Lagna (Libra Rising). Let us see the qualities of the Thula Lagna (Libra Rising), when the Moon stays in 12 different zodiac signs.

1. Thula Lagna and Mesha Rasi:

"Moon in the 7th house" - Authoritative and self serving character. Focus on profession and getting average results.

2. Thula Lagna and Rishaba Rasi:

"Moon in the 8th house" - Confused mindset, Mixed behavior, sometime very adjusting and displaying innocence and sometime displaying very self serving character. 

3. Thula Lagna and Mithuna Rasi:

"Moon in the 9th house" - Speaking with too much sweetness and doing little or nothing.

4. Thula Lagna and Kataka Rasi:

"Moon in the 10th house" - Calculating every minute details with huge focus on the welfare of themselves. 

5. Thula Lagna and Simha Rasi:

"Moon in the 11th house" - Commanding and planning in every issues. Good capabilities to undertake the leadership role.

6. Thula Lagna and Kanni Rasi:

"Moon in the 12th house" - Brilliant but takes wrong decisions. Mixed mindset that displays both good and bad qualities.

7. Thula Lagna and Thula Rasi:

"Moon in the Lagna" - Money minded and business oriented. Highly undependable in nature. 

8. Thula Lagna and Viruchika Rasi:

"Moon in the 2nd house" - Confusion, fear and nervousness in family, financial and business matters. 

9. Thula Lagna and Dhanusu Rasi:

"Moon in the 3rd house" - Unpredictable mindest in business issues. self serving but gets easily cheated by those who praise or flatter them up. 

10. Thula Lagna and Makara Rasi:

"Moon in the 4th house" - Very efficient, talented and selfish. Wrong things come to their attention very quickly. 

11. Thula Lagna and Kumbha Rasi:

"Moon in the 5th house" - Displays mixed characters. Talks too much sometime and talks too little sometime. Hands off approach sometimes and gets involved volutarily sometimes. 

12. Thula Lagna and Meena Rasi:

"Moon in the 6th house" - Talks too much and too sweet. Does something opposite. Undependable and selfish in nature. 


1. The results are subject to change in the positive direction if the Moon is stronger and benefic through various astrological factors.

2. The results are subject to change in the negative direction if the Moon is weaker and malefic through various astrological factors.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


The Makaram is the 4th house to the Thula lagna (Libra sign). The Guru gets debilitated in the Makara rasi. The Guru has the lordship over the 3rd and 6th house for the Thula lagna (Libra sign). The 3rd house is half malefic and 6th house is highly malefic to the Thula lagna (Libra sign). Also the Guru do not maintain friendly status with the Sukra, who owns the Thula lagna (Libra sign). Let us see the effects of Debilitated Guru (Neecha Guru) for the Thula lagna (Libra sign).

1. The Thula lagna (Libra sign) would have a fear lurking their mind always. It is well hidden deep inside their mind.

2. The troubled relationship with brothers and sisters or pressures from them would take away the comforts in the life of Thula lagna (Libra sign).

3. The Thula lagna (Libra sign) may also face pressures from their brothers and sisters and there would be bitterness in the relationship too.

4. Though the Thula lagna (Libra sign) has everything at their disposal to make the life comfortable, they would be deprived of some of the basic comforts.

6. The Thula lagna (Libra sign) would have tight control over their loans and borrowals.

7. The Thula lagna (Libra sign) would win over their opponents.

8. The Thula lagna (Libra sign) would not be affected by the health issues; but they might lose their basic comforts due to some temporary health issues.


1. The results could change to certain extent on the negative side, if the Guru gets Thithi Sunyam or moving in the retrograde manner.

2. The results could change to larger extent on the negative side, if there is a Neecha Banga Raja Yoga to the Guru.

3. The results could turn worse, if the Guru gets Vainasika Dosha, weak position in Navamsa, Dasamsa and getting less than 4 counts in the Guru Ashtavarga.

For more on the Kanni Rasi (Virgo sign), please visit THULA RASI - LIBRA SIGN and for Guru dosha pariharam, please visit GURU DOSHA PARIHARAM