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Vedic Astrology: When do your medical treatment go wrong?

Bad Thithis for Medical Treatment
Bad Days to start Medical Treatment

As per the Hindu Vedic Astrology, we should avoid certain days to start a new treatment for an illness. Let us see the details in depth.

1. We should not take the first treatment for a new illness.

2. We should not conduct any medical test for the diagnosis of any suspected illness.

3. We should not get admitted on a hospital on those days for a new (or) an existing illness.

4. We should not opt for any major/minor operation on those particular days.

Let us see those days that are forbidden for starting a new treatment. 

Bad Thithi & Nakshatra combinations
When you should not start medical treatment?

Impact of initiating any new treatment (or) any major surgery on the existing illness:

1. The treatments made on those days would certainly make the sickness stay permanently on the patient.

 2. The patient may not able to return back to his house, the way he had left his house earlier.

3. The Patient could be affected in a chronic manner on those health issues.

4. The Patient could face complications (or) criticality on those health issues.


1.     The days with combination of Day, Thithi and any one of the Stars (mentioned above) should be calculated as the Bad Days for initiating new treatment (or) opting for any major surgery (or) to take any major policy decisions on health issues.
2.     The above-mentioned days with a combination of either Thithi or any one of the Star is also should be avoided. 
3.     It is also better to avoid Thithi – Nakshatra combinations coming on any other days as well.

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