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Thursday, 6 December 2012


There is a general belief among the peoples that by wearing Gems would bring positive changes in our life. Now a days, there are umpteen number of Jewellery store offering variety of Stones and Gems dedicated for each Zodiac signs. We also see large number of advertisements in print and electronic media that vouches for the success of those Stones and Gems which would bring dramatic changes in your life. 

There are people who call themeselves as the Best Astrologers offer these PRECIOUS Stones and Gems through their own trading companies to solve all kind of your problems. Now let us put some logical questions before arriving at the conclusion.

1. The problems that we face in this world is not brought by God; but only through our own actions. If a Gem can solve all your problem means then where does this all the sins go? .

2. Has the God given any franchisee to all the Gem dealers to exchange your Sins to the Gem that has been bought?

3. If that is the criterion, then anyone can commit any sin and escape from its retribution through the purchase of Gems.

4. Even a Country's problem can be solved by offering Gems to every person living in the Country

The real remedies are possible to everyone, only when they surrender before the God. Gems can not equated with God. There are no remedies through Gems as per the older texts given by our Sages. "Gems bring Happiness and Prosperity" is only a myth that are being propagated by some vested interests. These people bring bad name not only to the Astrologers, but also to the Astrology.