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Thursday, 9 March 2017


Planetary position that creates Murderous intent & acts: 

In this post, let us analyse the Planetary combinations that can aid and abet the murderous acts. Let us find out the meaning of "Muderous".

1. Dangerously violent
2. Causing harm with grievous injuries.

Let us find out, "who can really murder?" 

1. A person who is obsessed with too much of uncontrollable anger.
2. A person with some criminal intent, who is often described as a "Mercenary".
3. A person with mental disorders, who is often defined as "Psychopath".

In this Post, let us analyse the Horoscope of a native, who had committed an act of murder in a fit of anger and rage. The native had born on 07.11.1989 at 04.30 am within India. Let us see the Horoscope of the native.

The Planetary positions are given below:

Let us find out the native's life and his past background before starting to analyse his Horoscope. The native had developed an "Love affair" with a Girl, who didn't belong to his religion, caste and culture, while pursuing the studies at a college in an undergraduate level. The Girl comes from a family with questionable background. The Boy was lured and later threatened and forced to marry the Girl at the age of 22, by the Girl's family. The Boy's family had totally disowned him after failing to stop the marriage.

The Boy had lost his valuable time; and had discontinued his studies. The Boy was forced to live with the Girl in her own home, when he didn't have any other options to survive economically. The Boy was introduced to menial jobs by the family members of the his wife @ temporary jobs to the level of coolie in a market area. After sometime, the Boy opened a Shop sellimg meats of chicken; thus he took the job of a butcher. Due to his young age and economical troubles, the couples had too much of quarrels, disputes and arguements between them.

On the fateful day, the Girl had complained to his brother (who was a drunkard and involved in petty crimes) about her Husband, who was not paying her with enough money. Her brother along with some of his friends went to the meat shop of the native to sort out the problems between the Couples. Both the Boy and his Brother-in-law locked in lot of serious arguments, which turned into fisticuffs. Due to extraordinary intoxication levels, anger and unsteady mind, the brother of the Girl had attempted to take out a knife. Sensing the danger, the Boy whose mind was also filled with anger and intoxication, took the butcher's knife and stabbed his own brother-in-law several times in his stomach. His brother-in-law had collapsed and died on the spot. The Boy went directly to the Police and surrendered before them within few minutes @ The Boy took the title of "Murderer" within a matter of minutes.

Let's analyse the character of the Boy through his natal Horoscope:

1. The Lagna Lord Budhan is placed at 18.27.41 degrees/Swathi 4; and the Sun is placed at 20.48.05 degrees/Visaka 1. The Budhan gets fully combusted by its closer proximity towards the Sun. This would create clouded mentality, difficulties in taking quicker decisions, staggered communications and irregular interactions, despite possessing good memory levels and strong personality levels.

Ex: The Boy would utterly fail in his communications and might send different messages to different peoples at different levels.

2. The closer proximity between the Lagna Lord Budhan and 12th house Lord Sun creates laziness, lethargic attitudes and develop too much interest in sexual relationships. The Boy would develop regressive ideas and try to implement it in his life.

Ex: The Boy got into the relationship with the Girl at a young age due to his sexual appetite. The Boy got married to a Girl from a dubious and dangerous background due to his regressive ideas.

3. The combination of Sun & Mars creates anger to an extraordinary level. The combination of Sun and Mars with the Lagna Lord Budhan creates sudden burst of anger.

4. The combination of Lagna Lord Budhan with the 3rd house Lord Mars makes him to think and believe on issues that are impossible, improbable and unreal @ this combination would create disturbed mindset.

5. The combination of Lagna Lord Budhan with the Mars (which happens to be the Lord of the 8th house along with the ownership of 3rd house) would create dangerous and illusionary ideas/beliefs/acts based on  impossible, improbable and unreal ideas/events @ the Boy would inolve in dangerous acts due to mental disturbances.

6. The combination of Lagna Lord Budhan along with 3rd & 8th house lord Mars & 12th house lord would instigate the mind of the Boy to create collateral losses/damages to others and also to them through their anger and reckless behaviour.

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7. The Moon is placed at 25.18.08 degrees/Dhanistha 1; and the Rahu is placed at 28.04.54 degrees/Dhanistha 2. The closer proximity between the Moon and Rahu creates addictive tendencies and brings hypertensions within their inner mind.

8. Look at the Bhava chart below:
In the Bhava Chart, the Mars moves to the Lagna. Thus the Mars views the Shani through its 4th view; and the Shani views the Mars by its 10th house view.

9. Thus the aspection of both the Mars and Shani would aid the native to handle dangerous weapons either to hurt them (or) others. Thus the Boy stabbed his victim mainly for his self defense; and the decisions were taken within a fraction of a second.

10. The Boy was passing through the Rahu Mahadasa period from 22.10.1995 to 22.10.2013 @ the Boy was running through the Rahu Mahadasa period right from the age of 6 and exited at the age of 24. The Rahu really made the Boy to enjoy his life in an unthical and improper manner; and destroyed it during the Mars Antardasa period within the Rahu Mahadasa period, while it was about to end on 23.10.2013.

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11. The incident happend on 11.04.2013 at around 08.00 PM. Let us see the planetary position that exists on the particular day.

The Boy's Rasi is Makara Rasi (Capricorn Sign) that is shown in blue color. By calculating the Rasi as the first house, there was a combination of 4th house lord Mars (House of Conforts, Health and Good behaviour), 6th house lord Budhan (House Lord of Enemies and Chronic illness) and 8th house lord Sun (House Lord of Troubles & Litigations) are placed in the malefic 3rd house @ Meena Rasi

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The Sun is placed at 27.49.04 degrees/Revathi 4; and the Mars is placed at 29.15.29 degrees/Revathi 4. Both are placed in the Meena Rasi, which is a malefic house for the Makara Rasi and owned by the 3rd & 12th house lord Guru. Thus the deadly combination of 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 12th house lords happen on the fateful day. Also the 4th house lord Mars is fully combusted by the Sun, which creates major crisis impacting his physical health, public standings and lifestyle quality.

Thus the planetary position on the fateful day worked well against the Boy by creating anger in the boy's mind and converted into actions; thereby damaging his physical health, public standings, lifestyle and all his assets.

Why the Boy married the Girl with a questonable background?

The Boy has Venus and Shani combinations in the 4th house. The combination of Venus and Shani makes the native to develop sexual relationship with the peoples from the lower part of the society (or) with questionable background. The aspection of 7th house lord Guru (House Lord of Partners) on the Shani/Venus combinations in the 4th house (House of comforts) created a condition for the Boy to keep the Girl as his Partner for sexual/body pleasure.

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What happened after the gruesome incident?

His wife turned against him and stood as a prime witness in this case. The Boy was awarded life sentence by lower court and then reduced to 10 years RI by the Higher court. The Boy is now spending the time in a Jail. Later, we will study the planetary position that causes Jail term; and the we would also find out, when the Boy would be set free in the next posts.