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Friday, 21 December 2012


There are lot of hype among the Public about selecting a bride with Moolam, Visakam, Ayilyam, Kettai etc., The parents of the bridegroom chose to reject the Girl's having their birth star as mentioned above. They just go by the so called "Proverb" and come out with their conclusions. They never attempt to anayze the Rasi Kundali (Natal Horoscope) and find out the truth.

But accepting or rejecting a Girl on the basis of heresay of a Proverb is a condemnable act. As per the Vedic Astrology, there are certain norms of selection and rejection are defined on the basis of Planetary position and Birth star (Jenma Nakshatra) of the Boy too.

If the Bridegroom/ Boy's Jenma Nakshatra (Birth Star) is Magham, then think multiple times before giving your daughter's hand to the Boy. Let us see the effects of having Son-in-law with Magham as the Jenma Nakshatra.

1. The relationship between the Magham Boy and his Son-in-law would turn sour and bitter.

2. The Magham Boy may not maintain a proper working relationship with his father-in-law.

3. The Magham boy may not allow his wife to speak to her father/relations.

4. The Magham Boy might ill-treat his father-in-law or may not give him his due respect.

5. The Magham Boy might marry a Girl, whose father already might have expired.

6. The Magham Boy might live away in a distant place, where it may not be possible for his Father-in-law to see and speak to her daughter on a regular basis.

7. There could be danger to the physical saftey to the father-in-law, whose son-in-law's Jenma Nakshatra is Magham.


1. The Magham Boy may maintain cordial relationship with his wife.

2. These different predictions are possible on the basis of the Rasi Kundali of the Girl's father.

Hence analyze your Rasi Kundali in a proper manner, before committing marriage of your daughter to a Magham Boy.