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Friday, 23 November 2012


The Boys always have dream of marrying a wonderful girl with following characterestics. 

1. Good looking
2. Amicable 
3. Pliable 
4. Adjusting
5. Harmonius
6. Brilliant
and so on. But not even 1 in 1 lakh will have all these qualities. But if atleast few qualities are met, then the Boy will have a happy married life. Here "Good looking quality" can easily be accessed. "Brilliance" can be tested  with few interactions; also through her educational levels.

But what about character? Everyone will deliver the extraordinary good character certificate for all girls, before and at the time of Marriage. The real character of a girl would come to play only after the Marriage. By that time, the marraige can not be reversed and the real damage would have been done. 

You should avoid the girls with the below mentioned planetary positions, while considering for the marriage.

1. The Debiltation of Lagna Lord and 4th house Lord.

2. The Presence of Lagna Lord and 4th house Lord in malefice house.

3. The Conjuction and aspection of Lagna and Lagna Lord with malefic planets.

4. The Lagna, 4th house Lord and the Lagna Lord getting afflicted by the deadly "Vainasika Dosha".

5. The presence of Raghu in the Lagna and 4th house; and association of Raghu with Lagna Lord.

6. The Combination of Sun and Mars in any house is considered highly inauspicious.

7. The Combination of Mars and Venus in Lagna, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house is unwelcome. 

8. The Combination of Moon and Venus in Lagna, 4th, 7th and 10th house is considered inappropriate.

9. The Combination and aspection of Saturn and Mars is considered as "most unlucky". 

10. The presence of any debilitated planets in the Lagna and the 4th house. 

The most important planetary positions are given. If a girl's horoscope has maximum number of Yes answers for this above points, then it is better to keep some safe distance away from the particular girl. You should not jump into conclusion with a little knowledge of astrology; it is better to get it analyzed with a trained astrologer. 

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