Tuesday, 16 July 2013



Following planetary positions indicate good personality.

1. The Lagna lord and the 3rd house lord should be stronger in Rasi, Navamsa, Dasamsa and must get good counts in the Ashtavargha.

2. The 3rd house lord and the Lagna lord should not get debilitated or get affected by Thithi Sunyam, Retrograde movement, Combustion by Sun and other malefic doshas.

3. The Lagna lord and the 3rd house lord should not be placed in any malefic houses.

4. The Lagna, 3rd house, Lagna lord and the 3rd house lord should not have any association with natural malefic planets and also by the planets that owns malefic houses.

5. No debilitated planets should have any association with Lagna, Lagna lord, 3rd house or 3rd house lord.

6. There should not be any debilitated planets or malefic planets associated with 6th, 7th and 8th house and house lords, since it would give fat belly/stomach/hip.


1. There are many other astrological factors that decide the type of body structure.

2. We had given above the few and important aspects that decides the type of body structure

3. No one in the world can have a perfect body shape; but we can find out who satisfy the maximum conditions.

4. Based on their horoscope, we can find the negative aspects that hurts their body shape.

5. Again the body shapes are likely to change, depending upon their Mahadasa periods.

6. A horoscope that points towards perfect body shape does not assure good facial look. 

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