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Birth on Amavasya Day according to Hindu Vedic Astrology:

Birth During New Moon
Birth during Amavasya

Let us see the results of the Birth during an Amavasya Day. The “Amavasya Day” is being divided to the below mentioned categories. As per Hindu Panchangam, time within the Day is being defined as per the details given below:

1.     Naligai is a measure of time.
2.     One Naligai is equivalent to 24 minutes @ 1 Nailigai = 24 minutes
3.     2 1/2 Naligai is equivalent to 1 hour @ 2 ½ Naligai = 60 minutes = 1 hour
4.     Thus, the Amavasya is being divided into 60 Naligai @ 60 Naligai / 2 1/2 Naligai equals 24 hours. The timing of Amavasya should be calculated as per the details given in the Panchangam.

The Birth during Amavasya brings some kind of Dosha to the below mentioned people. "Troubles" could be bodily harm or physical safety; the result corresponds with that of the respective peoples’ natal chart and their ongoing Mahadasa/Antardasa periods & their impacts. (The readers are advised to read the content carefully and do not jump into any conclusion by yourself).  

Birth during New Moon periods
Effects of Birth during Amavasya

How to calculate the Birth During “Amavasya”?

You must refer the “Thirukkanitha Panchangam” for the start and the end period of Amavasya on any given particular day.

For example: if the Amavasya starts on 05.23 am in a Particular day; and a baby is born at 10.43 am in the morning.

Now Deduct 05.23 am from the 10.43 am @ the difference is 05.20 hours @ the baby is born at 05 hours 20 minutes from the start of Amavasya on the particular day.

Now 1 hour = 2 ½ Naligai @ 5 hours = 5 X 2 ½ Naligai = 12 ½ Naligai

20 minutes < 24 minutes < ¾ Naligai and 2 minutes (5 Vinadi)

The Baby has born at 13 ¼ Naligai and 2 minutes (5 Vinadi) from the start of Amavasya.

Results: Thus, the Baby’s birth falls within the 11 Naligai to 20 Naligai from the start of the Amavasya. Thus, the Birth of the Baby could create problems to the mother of the baby. The word “Problem” could range from personal life issues to health to financial issues depending upon the natal chart of the mother.

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