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The Guru makes the transit from Rishaba rasi (Taurus sign) to Mithuna rasi (Gemini sign) on May 31st, 2013 at 08:00 am (Friday) as per the "Thirukkanitha Panchangam". The transit of Guru into the Mithuna rasi marks the presence of Guru in the 8th house for the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign).

The Guru owns the 2nd and 5th house for the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign). The 2nd is a neutral house and the 5th house is a benefic house. Both the Guru and the Mars (Lord of Viruchika - Scorpio sign) maintain mutual friendship between them. Hence the Guru is considered to be the most beneficial planet for the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign).

The Guru is placed in the Mithuna rasi from 31.05.2013, which is a malefic 8th house for the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign). Also the Guru becomes weak in this 8th house, because the Mithuna rasi belong to its opponent's (Budha) house. Hence the big benefic planet is going to be weak and unable to do anything good for the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign). Thus the Guru Paeyarchi would add to the exisiting trouble of first phase of Shani Sade Sati on the natives of the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign).

The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) may feel increased pressure after the transit of Guru into Mithuna rasi. Also the Guru gets eclipsed from 08.06.2013 and remains eclipsed till 02.07.2013. Hence the Viruchika Rasi (Scorpio sign) would experience unfavorable results during this particular period.

The Guru becomes Vakri @ it moves in a retrograde manner from 08.11.2013 to 21.02.2014. During this time, the entire behavior of Guru becomes unpredictable. Now let us see the Guru Peyarchi Palangal for Viruchika Rasi for the Year 2013.

1. Guru Peyarchi Palangal (31.05.2013 to 02.07.2013): 

The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would face downslide in their financial position, despite earning normal income. There could be severe misunderstanding within the family members. The Luck remains elusive for the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign). The ancestral property issues would remain inconclusive or would meet some legal hurdles. The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) students would be struggling with their studies.

2. Guru Peyarchi Palangal (02.07.2013 to 13.07.2013):

The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would see marginal improvements on their financial and family relationships. The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would enjoy some positive improvements with the ancestral property issues. The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) students would be able to get positive results in their studies. The Luck would favor the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) to certain extent.

3. Guru Peyarchi Palangal (13.07.2013 to 30.07.2013):

The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would face renewed pressure and unfavorable results on their financial issues. The family relationship would reach its lowest ebb. The words or committments made by the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) either could not be fulfilled or would create troubles. The time is extremely unfvorable for the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) students. The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would completely run out of their luck. The children and the family elders may develop serious misunderstandings with the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) natives.

4. Guru Peyarchi Palangal (30.07.2013 to 15.08.2013): 

The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would feel slight improvements on  family and the financial issues. The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would meet their committments only after so much of hard work. The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would marginal improvements in the direction of their ancestral property issues. The students are needed to work hard to get atleast the basic results. This time would bring few benefits only.

5. Guru Peyarchi Palngal (15.08.2013 to 23.09.2013):

The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would once again experience all around relief in their family and financial issues. The students are likely to gain strength and enjoy some benefits out of it. The Luck would come in handy for the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign), whenever it is needed by them. The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would be able to get positive results on their ancestral property issues. The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would enjoy good rapport with their children and family elders.

6. Guru Peyarchi Palngal (23.09.2013 to 08.11.2013):

The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would again experience some negative results on their financial issues. The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would also experience differences with their children and family elders on various family issues. The students of the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would face inceased pressure on their studies.

NOTE (For Viruchika Rasi only):

1. The results should not be read in isolation, as it could differ from person to person. This results should be read along with your Mahadasa and Antardasa results. If you have good Mahadasa periods, then the results do not trouble you much. But on other hand, if your Mahadasa period is itself bad, then it will add to your exisiting worries.

2. For 2013 - 2014 Vakri Guru results, please read

3. For Shani Sade Sati Results for the Viruchika Rasi, please visit

4. In general, the aspection of the weak Guru on the 12th, 2nd and 4th will bring certain amount of relief on the financial position for the Viruchika rasi. The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) needs to be cautious from the Guru Peyarchi during this year 2013.

5. The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) needs to deal to be extra cautious on dealing with their financial issues. It is better not to make any strong committments to anybody  on all issues, especially in the financial matters.

6. The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) could face differences with their children, older peoples and other family members.

7. The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) must understand that the time is not favorable for them and should not behave in pro-active or in a provocative manner. It would bring take the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) into many troubles.

8. If the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) undergoes Mahadasa of the 2nd, 6th or 8th house lord and placed in a malefic house, then those peoples must be very cautious about their financial position.

For All Lagna's with their Rasi as Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign):

Followings persons would be troubled too much, if they do have the following graha position.

1. Persons undergoing Guru Mahadasa and Guru has the ownership of malefic houses.

2. Persons undergoing Guru Mahadasa and Guru placed in any malefic houses.

3. Persons undergoing Rahu or Kethu Mahadasa and Rahu/Kethu placed in Dhanusu and Meenam rasi with Guru getting placed in malefic houses or owning any malefic houses.

Suggestion (By the Author):

The Viruchika Rasi (Scorpio sign) are advised to do pariharam for Guru, to minimise the negative effects and also to maximise the positive effects of Guru in 2013. For methods of doing pariharam for Guru, please visit You can also learn more about Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign), please visit

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