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Till now, we have seen the Neecha (Debilitated) status of the planet Guru. We had also studied Neecha Banga Raja Yoga. In this post, we are going to see one more factor that makes a planet debilitated.

Some of us would feel very happy about seeing one or more planet getting exalted (getting stronger) in the natal chart. But the same planet would give worse results instead of good results that had been predicted earlier by the Astrologers. Why does it happen?

"How come a planet getting exalted gives a debilitated results?" 

This factor is called "Uccha Banga Neecha Dosha". Let us explain this feature in detail.

We know that Inverse of X = 1 / X

Uccha Banga Neecha status (Bad results out of elimination of exalted status) is the direct inverse of Neecha Banga Raja Yoga (Good results out of elimination of Debilitated status).

Following are some of the astrological factors that makes a Uccha graha (Exalted planet) to remain idle or work in malefic manner.

1. If a Uccha graha (Exalted planet) moving in a retrograde manner.

2. If a Uccha graha (Exalted planet) gettind debilitated in Navamsa Kundali.

3. If a Uccha graha (Exalted planet) gets "Thithi Sunyam".

4. If a Uccha graha (Exalted planet) gets combusted by the Sun.

5. If a Uccha graha (Exalted planet) getting Eclipsed.

6. If a Uccha graha (Exalted planet) getting 0 or 1 counts in their Ashtavarga charts.

7. If the natural benefic planets like Guru, Budha, Sukra and ascending Moon has a lordship over 4th, 7th or 10th house and also getting exalted. This situation is called as "Kendra Athipathya Dosha".

8. If the Uccha graha (Exalted planet) is at various Sandhi's.

If a Uccha graha (Exalted planet) is associated with the above graha situations (Planetary positions), then the exalted planet (Uccha graha) gives the diametrically the opposite results. This astrological factor is called "Uccha Banga Neecha Dosha".

In India, most of us over look this calculation. Their expected predictions may not materialize due to this wrong calculation on the Uccha graha (exalted planet).  

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